Welcome to FIU's Team Ropes Adventure Challenge

Program Overview

The TRAC Program consists of two complimentary phases. The first is a ground-based "teambuilding" component that is presented in an action oriented experiential learning format. These activities focus on the different areas that can be defined as "team work". These areas include, but are not limited to: planning, time management, collaboration, negotiation, assuming a leadership role, support, and trust. The activities chosen for each group are initially based upon information provided by a needs assessment and any additional discussions with the client, but are also modified as the day unfolds to meet the dynamics of the group.

The second phase of the program is the climbing or high-elements. This is when individuals are given an opportunity to challenge themselves or push their comfort zone allowing them to discover or realize their full potential. Although not as physically challenging as one might think, the high-elements offer different levels of mental challenges. These events include climbing up to a horizontal log, walking on wires supported by hand ropes, or to a zip line. The climber is supported by the "team" who provide the rope safety, ladder support, and encouragement. We have a strict challenge by choice philosophy, which encourages climbing, but respects a person's right to set their level of participation.

Satisfied Clients
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